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QTrak has developed a unique Mail Solution that combines the advantages of the QTrak app to help mail managers consolidate the mail delivery area, improve workflow, and increase internal customer satisfaction. QTrak High-Density Mail System greatly reduces time spent sorting and distributing mail, along with all traditional key and combination management associated with mailboxes. Reduce unnecessary trips to the mailbox by sending automatic notifications alerting recipients that their mail has arrived.


Decrease in Letter Mail Across America


Find Their Current Mailroom Workflow Outdated


Recipients Find Automatic Notifications Beneficial

The Package Tracking Industry is changing

You Need To Change Too

As a result of a 39% decrease in letter mail volume across America, roughly 52% of mailrooms find that their old and outdated layout does not match their current workflow. Many organizations see a 76%  increase in pickup speed using automated and updated setups like QTrak.

For Internal Distribution, QTrak is how succeed.

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Consolidated Mail Delivery

QTrak's HD Mail System enables organizations to centralize their mail delivery mailboxes into a
single area. Reducing the number of dedicated mailroom areas into one allows organizations to operate more

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Flexible Mailbox Assignments

The system offers the flexibility to assign mailboxes individually, in variable groups, or as a whole
group, catering to the specific needs of different people, departments, or teams within the organization.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Mail recipients no longer need to remember their mailbox number or combination code. Upon logging the
letter, recipients are notified promptly when they receive mail, eliminating the need to check their
mailboxes constantly.

Automatically notify recipients using

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Email Notifications

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SMS Text Notifications

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My Mail Services App

Modernize Your Mailroom

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“All of our previous package handling challenges have been solved. Packages are quickly scanned and delivered, packages no longer pile up in our service center, and not a single package has been reported missing.”

— Brendan, Techspace

“We have increased our accountability with QTrak by confidently answering the age old question, “where’s my package?” Through available reporting features, and multiple user id’s, our property has greatly reduced the number of phone calls regarding missing packages.”

— Brian, Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta