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Operating Lockers for Mailroom Personnel

Storing Package in Locker


    1. Route the package like you normally would so that the recipient gets notified by filling out the To: field
    2. You will now notice that there are two options.
      • Store in Locker
      • Route Package
    3. Select Store in Locker and you will be prompted with a screen bellow of the various locker banks that you have
    4. Select the one you want and you will be prompted to select what size mailbox you want to store the package in.
    5. Select the size, the door will pop open, then place the package in the locker, and press “Done”
    6. Doesn’t fit is a tool you can use to select a bigger locker.
    7. Now your job as a Mailroom worker is done and the recipient gets an email to come picks up their package with a code to access




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