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Dymo Label Printer

DYMO Documentation Current Customers

ISSUE: Windows updated their software and old versions of Dymo will not work. Your old version of DYMO must be uninstalled and reinstalled to use the printer.

Existing User Previously Using Dymo

  • Locate where your Dymo applications are stored in your computer. See reference (below where the files are stored in my computer)

*** Note that these are the most updated versions of DYMO (which you want), but the same names can be used to search for where these applications are in your system. Easy way to search is THIS PC🡪 Upper right search bar to look for these DYMO applications.

  1. For each one of the DYMO products, click on the app, then right click, and delete the three applications.
  2. After everything from previous Dymo versions is deleted you will have to re-download the three applications with the links below.
    1. DLS8Setup8.7.4 (Main One needed to download) ———-Click here to download
    2. DCDSetup ———–Click here to download
    3. DYMOIDSetup 1.4.7 ———-Click here to download
  3. Follow the Instructions listed for each (NOTE: this may be time consuming depending on Wi-Fi speed and computer performance)
  4. If stuck downloading these items, links to download can also be found on their website:
  5. After Download Test Printer

    1. Using the QTrak software log into QTrak
    2. Make sure that the Dymo printer is plugged into a power source and USB is plugged into computer
    3. The Dymo Label Web Services ( User) 8.7.4 needs to be on and running for label printing to work properly. You can check if it is running in bottom right hand of your windows screen, see this à

    1. Press the “Routing” tab from the top bar and create a label to be routed and delivered (if no preview shows up initially, Click on “Packages” tab and then back to “Routing” should display the preview)
    2. Add in the correct recipients and the recipients should receive an email that their package is ready
    3. Dymo printer will print the barcode and route the package, all at the same time!

** Note that for who the package is going to needs to be set up as a contact first in order for them to receive text notification and also on the right hand side if there is no preview like as shown above, the DYMO printer is not set up right.

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