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Zebra Label Documentation

Zebra Label Documentation

Download Before Plugging in Zebra Printer

  1. Click this link here…and download the contents of the application. Copy paste link below if hyper link is not working.                     
  2. Select Next, Then you should see a Screen like this below
  3. Finally Press Finish and make sure the “Launch Zebra Browser Print” Check box is checked.


Running the Zebra Application.

  1. Locate the ^ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Windows computer.
  2. Right click on the Zebra Icon on the system tray and click on settings.
  3. This pop-up to the right will then showà
  4. Plug in your Zebra Printer to your computer Via USB.
  5. Press “Change” button next to Default Devices.
  6. The Software will then search for Zebra Devices. For example, my printer that is Connected is printer: 26j172503315.
  7. Once the device is added. Make sure the host is available as part of the accepted hosts. When you load the web page the first time after adding the printer it will prompt you to add you the host as accepted host. Please click on Yes and will add the host automatically.
  8. Once all setup is completed go to and load Z-Routing page. Under select Zebra printer and your printer will show up “Example 26j172503315 is my printer”
  9. Once Successful Repeat steps 7-8 in production making sure the URL is


Steps to Properly Route Package

  1. Make sure all previous steps in this document are completed and this will be a nice refresher on how to properly route a package once your printer is set up.
  2. First Log into your Qtrak web application at and Navigate to the Z-Route Feature.
  3. Then select the Zebra Printer, and example is below.
  4. Fill out the where is package going to field by typing out the last name of the person that it needs to be routed to and if they are in the contact database, select the correct recipient.
  5. After that has all done and all the fields you need are filled in, press “Route This Package” button and it will route the package and print the receipt at the same time. See example for reference.









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