Scan it.

QTrak automatically recognizes all major US mail carriers and allows for custom carrier input.

QTrak mail package tracking app running on iPhone and packages to be delivered

Route it.

  • Scan custom data
  • Capture photos
  • Print location labels
  • Store in delivery lockers
  • Send email and text notifications

QTrak package routing and tracking app running on smartphone and delivery package

Sign it.

Recipients can sign digitally or swipe their ID card.

Smartphone running package tracking app QTrak, digital signing for package on phone

Track it.

With secure cloud-based logging and reporting.

QTrak package tracking app running on an iPad and laptop

Try it.

No matter your industry, if you receive and track packages, you can't afford not to try QTrak.

It's simple, safe, and cost-effective.

Package delivery tracking app on iPhone, signing for delivery

    The simple and cost-effective internal delivery tracking solution
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    QTrak Products Mobile automation for the package distribution process

    QTrak App Package and asset management made easy

    QTrak’s app-based scanning and cloud technology allows for quick logging, recipient notification, and complete chain of custody tracking of all your accountable mail, packages, and assets. If you receive and track packages, there’s no simpler, safer, or more cost-effective solution than QTrak.

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    QTrak app on iPhone scanning package barcode

    Digital Lockers Intelligent mail and parcel pickup solutions

    With our computerized parcel delivery lockers, your recipients can pick up package deliveries at their convenience. Best of all, it will take you less than a minute to log a package, notify the recipient, and secure the package so only they can pick it up.

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    QTrak package delivery lockers

    High Density Mail High density and variable assignment mailboxes

    QTrak has developed unique solutions that combine the advantages of the QTrak app with the latest in office furniture design to help mail managers optimize space and workflow, improve productivity, and increase internal customer satisfaction.

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    High density mail package delivery phone app


    Use QTrak to manage inventory items.

    • Unlimited Products
    • Transaction History With Notes Available On Your QTrak Web Portal
    • Detail and Summary Reports In Excel Format
    • Easily Add New Products With Photos
    • Minimum Quantity Flag


    Our Clients

    Hundreds of companies use QTrak to track, route, and deliver their packages and other assets. Here are just a few.

    Cushman & Wakefield

    Angels Baseball

    Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts


    Green Bay Packers

    Kirkland & Ellis LLP

    Utah State University

    University of San Francisco