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Product Overviews

QTrak App

Whether you manage a handful of packages a week, or tens of thousands a month, there’s nothing simpler, safer, or more cost-effective than QTrak.

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Delivery Lockers

Delivery locker systems with QTrak allow recipients to pick up package deliveries at their convenience. It takes less than a minute to log a package, notify the recipient, and secure the package so only they can pick it up.

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HD Mail

QTrak’s high density mailbox solutions combine the advantages of the QTrak app with the latest in office furniture design to help mail managers optimize space and workflow, improve productivity, and increase internal customer satisfaction.

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Demos and Instructional Videos

QTrak Package Pod

Simplify your delivery process with QTrak Package Pod! Our app lets you securely store packages in seconds, giving you
more time to focus on your priorities. Your customers enjoy 24/7 access to pick up their deliveries whenever suits them
best. Upgrade your mailroom efficiency today!

Featuring QScan Plus

Transform your package management effortlessly with QScan Plus! Capture carrier details, sender, recipient info, and
more-all with a single scan. Boost efficiency, streamline operations, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Featuring Rush Package Alerts

Enhance the safety and Security of your customers’ packages with QTrak’s Rush Package Alert feature! Easily preset
alerts by accessing your QTrak web portal’s account settings. To enable, Click ‘Manage Alerts’ and create new alerts
using the tracking number or recipient name. Add additional information like package handling instructions, and set your
preferred alert timeframe.

Once your package is scanned, a prompt Alert appears on-screen, providing clear guidance on handling and delivering the
package. Experience peace of mind and security with QTrak!

Featuring Package Consolidation

The ‘Package Consolidation’ feature in QTrak’s Package Pod notifies users if a recipient already has a package in a
smart locker, allowing them to store packages together. By scanning the package, users receive instant notifications for
consolidation opportunities.

Package pick-up becomes effortless as all packages are neatly consolidated into one locker, providing a streamlined
experience. Simplify your smart locker experience with QTrak Package Pod.

QTrak Complete Demo

Watch a demonstration of all the great features of QTrak, including quickly scanning carrier tracking barcodes,
notifying package recipients, and capturing a signature at delivery via both the PC and the QTrak App. See our library
of email & SMS text notification options on routing, pick up reminders, attempted delivery, and delivery.

Intelligent Mail & Parcel

Watch a demonstration of how the QTrak Intelligent Locker System gives recipients secure access to their packages 24/7
while reducing package delivery time.

Deliver with Camera Scan &
Signature Capture

Using the QTrak App with your Apple mobile device, you can quickly scan the carrier tracking number and get a signature
for all your internal deliveries. All data is sent to the cloud so you can quickly answer delivery status inquiries.

Route with Camera Scanner

QTrak turns your camera into a high speed scanner and your mobile device into a data capture terminal. All recipient and
sender data is sent real time to your secure cloud database at

QTrak Pro Scanner & Card

The QTrak Pro Scanner can be used to both scan tracking barcodes and to swipe magnetic strip-encoded ID cards in lieu of
a signature. QTrak greatly reduces the transaction time associated with routing and delivering packages.

Group Routing & Delivery

Group Routing & Delivery using the QTrak App allows users to deliver multiple packages with a single delivery scan..

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Whether your volume is high or low, QTrak offers more features than other solutions that can cost 20x more. QTrak is simple, powerful, and cost-effective – with no startup costs.

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