HD Mail High density and variable assignment mailboxes

QTrak has developed unique solutions that combine the advantages of the QTrak app with the latest in office furniture design to help mail managers optimize space and workflow, improve productivity, and increase internal customer satisfaction.

High density variable assignment mailbox system with QTrak

Mailrooms are Changing

As a result of a decrease in letter mail volume, many mailrooms are finding that their old layout doesn’t match their current workflow.

Bins are too far apart which increases mail sorting time, some bins have too much mail while some have no mail for weeks at a time, and rarely used bins and boxes are taking up valuable space.

Modernize Your Mailroom

QTrak high density mail solutions greatly reduce time spent sorting and distributing mail, along with all key and combination management associated with traditional mailboxes. Box owners only have to go to their mailboxes when they are notified that they have mail.

Changing mailroom needs are modernized by package tracking app
  • Automatically notify recipients via email as soon as mail is placed in their box with the option to include a picture of the actual envelope
  • Select single, variable, or group mailbox assignments
  • Choose from a variety of designs and configurations, including front or back loading
  • Reduce the number of internal mail delivery points
  • Optimize space and workflow
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase internal customer satisfaction

“All of our previous package handling challenges have been solved. Packages are quickly scanned and delivered, packages no longer pile up in our service center, and not a single package has been reported missing.”

— Brendan, Techspace

“We have increased our accountability with QTrak by confidently answering the age old question, “where’s my package?” Through available reporting features, and multiple user id’s, our property has greatly reduced the number of phone calls regarding missing packages.”

— Brian, Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

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