Delivery Lockers Intelligent mail and parcel pickup solutions

Delivery locker systems with QTrak save package delivery resources by eliminating long lines at your mailroom and consolidating multiple delivery points. Using the QTrak App mail services employees can store items in Package Pod in less than 20 seconds.

Recipients using the My Mail Services App contactlessly pick up their package deliveries at their convenience. All the receipt, route, and pickup data is stored on your secure web portalin real time so you can answer inquiries quickly and accurately.

Variable assignment delivery lockers

Simple Delivery

The ability to quickly secure deliveries and notify the recipient means you’re free to tend to your more important tasks. QTrak keeps a record of every transaction, including when the package is picked up.

Easy locker pickup for your customers

Convenient Pickup

Give your customers round-the-clock access to their mail, package, grocery, mail order, and dry cleaning deliveries so they can pick up when it’s convenient for them. You don’t even have to be there!

Package locker design options

Flexible Design

Our lockers come with a variety of design options. Choose from features such as type of finish, rear or front loading, indoor or outdoor placement, quantity, size, and permanent or variable assignment of compartments.

“All of our previous package handling challenges have been solved. Packages are quickly scanned and delivered, packages no longer pile up in our service center, and not a single package has been reported missing.”

— Brendan, Techspace

QTrak Package Pods digital delivery lockers

Package Pod Options

Download our latest brochure to learn all about locker installation, system capabilities and features, and layout options available through our Package Pod program.

Also take a look at how some of our existing customers have customized their Package Pod designs to match their companies’ needs, branding, and space availability.

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