High-Density Mailboxes

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Current Process

If you have a traditional mailbox or mail sorting system you might have noticed that there are a lot less letters going in those bins and boxes. As a result of a decrease in letter mail volume many mailrooms are finding that their current furniture layout doesn’t match the new workflow:

  • Bins are too far apart which increases mail-sorting time.
  • Some bins have too much mail, some have no mail for weeks at a time.
  • Rarely used bins and boxes are taking valuable space.
  • When it comes time to deliver your mail internally it takes the same amount of time to deliver fewer pieces.
  • If recipients are responsible for picking up their mail, they never know when they have mail in their box.

The Solution

QTrak has developed unique solutions that combine the latest in office furniture design and our revolutionary mail/package management app to help mail managers:

  • Optimize space and workflow.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Increase internal customer satisfaction.

The QTrak App allows mailroom staff:

  • Reduces the number of internal mail delivery points
  • To automatically notify recipients via email as soon as mail is placed in their box.
  • Include a picture of the actual envelope.
  • Support variable assignment of mailboxes, eliminating of having one mail box for every recipient or department.

Front Back Loading

Secure mailboxes are available with front or back loading design and single, variable, or group assignment capabilities.


High Density Mail Racks in a variety of designs and configurations

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