QTrak App Package, asset, and inventory management made easy

QTrak is a scalable solution that can accommodate advanced needs like database integration, mobile label printing, email/text notifications, ID card scanning, and custom reports.

Whether you manage a handful of packages a week, or tens of thousands a month, there’s no simpler, safer, or more cost-effective solution than QTrak.

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First, download the QTrak app and load it on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, or Android Device. You’ll be up and running in under 60 seconds.   ***Must be running on IOS 10 or greater

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QTrak package scanner

You’re ready to Start Scanning

QTrak uses the camera in your mobile device as a high-speed smart scanner that quickly captures carrier tracking and recipient information.

Just center the barcode within the brackets and the app will automatically scan and interpret.

Carrier Recognition

QTrak recognizes all major US mail carriers and also allows for custom carrier input.


Now it’s time to Make a Delivery

When a package reaches its final destination, you have several options for verifying, logging, and attempting deliveries. All data is simultaneously uploaded to our secure cloud database.

Record recipient signatures directly on the mobile device

At delivery, your device becomes your digital signature pad. It instantaneously records to whom the package was delivered, recipients’ signatures, messenger name, date, and time of delivery.

Swipe recipient ID cards wtih the Pro Scanner option

With QTrak Pro Scanner, the card swipe feature can be used in place of a signature to quickly capture recipient information at delivery and greatly reduce the transaction time associated with routing and delivering packages.

Log attempted deliveries when recipients are unavailable

With QTrak, you can log attempted deliveries and automatically send customizable email notifications to recipients.

“I downloaded the app and started receiving and delivering packages immediately.”

— Receiving Manager

Access from anywhere and Track with Cloud Technology

No need to install software or sync mobile devices. Once information is captured, it is sent to our secure cloud database in real time via your wireless or cellular connection. From there, QTrak software manages every aspect of tracking, logging, and reporting.

Access data from anywhere

Data can be securely accessed from any laptop or desktop computer to provide end-to-end digital internal tracking of all your packages and accountable items.

Easily answer inquiries

QTrak provides detailed reports showing every package’s progress from the loading dock or front desk to the recipient’s hands. No more rifling through paper files or package log books.

Try it free for 30 days

Whether your volume is high or low, QTrak offers more features than other solutions that can cost 20x more. QTrak is simple, powerful, and cost-effective – with no startup costs.

Start your 30-day free trial today and see for yourself.

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