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Just Scan it, Sign it, and Track it.

QTrak turns virtually any Apple mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch into a high-speed scanner and transfers package tracking information to our secure cloud database in real time via your wireless or cellular connection. It even stores a digital copy of the receiver’s signature for guaranteed verification.

DevicesWhether you manage a handful of packages a week, or tens of thousands a month, QTrak is the simplest, most cost effective solution available on the market today.

    Digital Lockers

    Computerized Lockers: Intelligent Item Pick-Up Solutions

    • Give your recipients 24/7/365 secure access to their deliveries
    • Reduce pick-up and delivery resources
    • Variable or permanent assignment options
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    QTrak Solution
    With the decline in paper mail, students are going to their mailbox less often these days. So putting package slips in their mailboxes is no longer an option. With QTrak, email notifications are automatically sent when the package is routed, and reminder emails can be sent at specified intervals until the package is picked up.

    And using QTrak's optional card reader eliminates the need for the recipient to even sign for their package. Simply swipe the student's ID Card and the delivery information is recorded.


    • Easy to use devices
    • Automatically send package notification emails
    • Keep faculty and student location information up to date
    • The ability to handle spikes in package volume
    • Scan Student ID Cards in lieu of capturing signature

    QTrak Solution
    Whether it's a few packages a day or hundreds, property managers want a solution that is easy to implement and fits their budget. Simplicity is what makes QTrak so popular in package rooms across the country. Just download the free app and you're receiving packages, sending emails, and capturing delivery signatures in seconds. All this for a little over a dollar a day.


    • Cost effective method to record receipt and delivery of packages to residents
    • Integration with computerized package locker systems

    QTrak Solution
    Bottles of wine, tickets for the play, and flowers are all items that are received by your Front Desk and Business Center. QTrak allows them to collect receipt and delivery information for all these items on their PC's, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. By adding our data exchange module you can be sure your guest management stays up to date.


    • Track incoming deliveries for guests that are not traditionally barcoded
    • Integration with guest notification and billing systems
    • Work across multiple devices

    QTrak Solution
    "We get hundreds of deliveries daily from our vendors that arrive by UPS, Fedex, and Private Delivery Companies. QTrak allows us to quickly scan carrier tracking and purchase order information." – Retail Receiving Manager


    • Verify PO and other external information
    • Log shipments from private delivery companies

    QTrak Solution
    QTrak users can receive and deliver package anywhere. Using our custom note fields you instantly scan and recall package location information.


    • Quickly locate deliveries for exhibitors and meeting planners
    • Mobility

    QTrak Solution
    "We were able to eliminate all the manual manifesting of our incoming accountable deliveries. We also use it to track our internal print job deliveries. Best of all when we need to research the delivery information it takes seconds, compared to rifling through stacks of paper manifests" – University Print and Mail Manager


    • Eliminate hand logging of incoming package information
    • Indentify and route mystery mail
    • Answer inquiries as to package delivery status
    • Track internal distribution of print work