QTrak: Simplifying Package Management

Efficient mail and package management is crucial for organizations of all sizes. The traditional mailroom processes can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and lack transparency. Thankfully, advancements in internal package tracking have paved the way for innovative solutions like QTrak – a comprehensive package management app designed to streamline the handling of packages and mail items. QTrak’s seamless integration of three primary mail functions – Receive, Route, and Deliver – along with the exclusive Search Undelivered Package touch bar, offers a robust and user-friendly solution for modern mailroom management.

Receive Function

The receive function is the first step in QTrak’s mail and package management process. When a carrier delivers packages to the organization, it is logged into the QTrak system by the app. Receiving staff will simply scan the package’s tracking barcode to record the item’s arrival at the facility. The step automatically updates the status of the item from “in transit” to “received,” enabling real-time tracking.

The Receive function is a game changer for mailrooms, eliminating the need for manual recording, paper trails, and the risk of misplaced items. It enhances accountability, as each mail item’s chain of custody is digitally recorded from the moment it enters the system, promoting greater transparency and reducing the likelihood of lost packages.

Route Function

Once an item has been received, the Route function comes into play. QTrak allows mailroom staff to determine the optimal destination for each item based on recipient details, department, or any customized criteria. The app generates automated route instructions for internal mail distribution, ensuring packages and mail items are swiftly and accurately forwarded to their respective recipient’s department. Items can also be routed straight to QTrak Package Pod.

Through the Route function, automated and customizable notifications to recipients will be sent through email and SMS to inform them that their package is ready for pickup. This allows QTrak to significantly streamline mail routing processes within an organization. This feature optimizes efficiency by eliminating the need for manual sorting and expedites the delivery of mail items to their intended recipients, promoting productivity across the entire organization.

Deliver Function

The deliver function is the final step in QTrak’s three main functions. This feature empowers recipients to seamlessly receive their packages or mail items. The recipient can then conveniently pick up the item from a designated location or sign for it. If you have QTrak’s Package Pod, the recipient can use the kiosk or sms/email notification code to access their package for a safe, secure, and reliable pickup.

The delivery function’s user-friendly approach makes it easy for recipients to track and manage their incoming mail, while also reducing the burden on mailroom staff. Additionally, the app’s notification system helps prevent backups in the mailroom, enhancing overall recipient satisfaction.

Search Undelivered

In a dynamic mailroom environment, occasionally packages remain undelivered for a variety of reasons. This is where the Search Undelivered feature in the QTrak app proves invaluable. Mailroom staff gain the power to swiftly locate undelivered packages, ensuring efficient resolution and delivery. The intuitive interface allows staff to conduct searches based on the recipient’s name or location, significantly reducing the time and effort required to track down missing items.

By inputting the recipient’s name or location into the app’s search function, mailroom staff can access real-time updates on the status of undelivered packages. The Search Undelivered feature streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual cross-referencing or sifting through physical packages.  Additionally, QTrak offers a unique capability that allows a single designated recipient to sign off for multiple packages addressed to their department, further enhancing efficiency and simplifying the delivery process for departments receiving numerous items.


QTrak app and its three primary mail functions – Receive, Route, and Deliver – stand at the forefront of mailroom management. By integrating innovative features such as the Search Undelivered touch bar, QTrak ensures businesses and organizations can streamline the handling of packages and mail items. Embrace and unlock a new era of streamlined package management with QTrak today!