About QTrak

30+ years experience in the design and implementation of package delivery systems has resulted in QTrak, a flexible, easy to use solution for tracking your packages and assets. Now you can say goodbye to your package log, or devote precious IT resources, and large portions of your budget to the purchase of complicated proprietary hardware and software.

About Qtrak

Industry-Minded Development

Drawing on the input of many industry professionals, we applied many of today’s innovations in cloud, app, and mobile technology to the package logging and delivery process. QTrak turns your iPod, iPhone, or iPad into a high-speed mobile data capture device. This allows users to quickly scan tracking information, enter recipient data, notify recipients and even capture delivery signatures.

When you’re asked the age-old question of “where’s my package?” QTrak has the answer in seconds. No more rifling through paper files or package log books.

A Clear Difference

What separates QTrak from other package tracking solutions costing ten times as much is how easily it can be implemented.

Simply download the app, register for your 30-day free no obligation trial, and watch the three-minute training video and you’re on your way to realizing the benefits of mobile automation in the package distribution process.

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