QTrak for Delivery Companies

Delivering packages to multiple companies can be weighed down by manual paper logs. QTrak offers a simple cost-effective solution for capturing chain of custody tracking data for all of your clients’ packages. Items can be tracked wirelessly using the free QTrak app on any Apple or Android device. Download the app to get started routing your packages with automatic email/and or text notifications.

Delivery companies using QTrak app for wirelessly tracking and routing packages

Key Benefits for Delivery Companies

  • Keep customer contact information up to date by uploading CSV files at your convenience or by using our API to automatically update contact info at regular intervals
  • Capture customer signatures right on your device
  • Capture photos of packages at any point in the process
  • Create specific delivery instructions for each package using the notes field
  • Search for complete chain of custody tracking information from any PC or internet browser
  • Make after hours pickup simple and secure with intelligent delivery lockers
  • Get fast package retrieval and signature confirmation with QTrak’s Quick Deliver function
Here are some delivery companies that are using QTrak







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