QTrak for Libraries

Inconvenient library hours deny guests access to books and resources. However, with QTraks “Book Pods” users will now be able to gain access to their libraries resources 24/7. QTrak offers smart lockers that allow recipients to request library materials and have them available at their earliest convenience.

Key Benefits for Libraries

  • Intelligent QTrak Book Pods give recipients 24/7 secure access to their items while reducing your delivery resources
  • Single scan/manual entry items in storage in locker via QTrak App
  • Unlimited user licenses and delivery data storage on the cloud
  • Fast and efficient processing of items saves money by reducing labor
  • Reminder email and text notifications
  • Lockers are available in a variety of finishes
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

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Whether your volume is high or low, QTrak offers more features than other solutions that can cost 20x more. QTrak is simple, powerful, and cost-effective – with no startup costs.

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