Video Demos

QTrak Complete Demo Presentation

Watch a demonstration of all the great features of QTrak, including quickly scanning carrier tracking barcodes, notifying package recipients, and capturing a signature at delivery via both the PC and the QTrak App. See our library of  email & SMS text notification options on routing, pick up reminders, attempted delivery, and delivery.

Intelligent Mail & Parcel Pick Up

Watch a demonstration of how the QTrak Intelligent Locker System gives recipients secure access to their packages 24/7 while reducing package delivery time.

Deliver With Camera Scan & Signature Capture

Using the QTrak App with your Apple mobile device you can quickly scan the carrier tracking number, and get a signature for all your internal deliveries. All data is sent to cloud so you can quickly answer delivery status inquiries.

Route With Camera Scanner

QTrak turns your camera into a high speed scanner, and your apple mobile device into a data capture terminal. All recipient and sender data is sent real time to your secure cloud database at

QTrak Pro Scanner & Card Swipe

The QTrak Pro Scanner can be used to both scan tracking barcodes and swipe magnetic strip encoded id cards in lieu of a signature. QTrak greatly reduces the transaction time associated with routing and delivering packages.

Group Routing & Delivery

Group Routing & Delivery using the QTrak App allows users to deliver multiple packages with a single delivery scan.